Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Were Our School

It's Monday morning at 6:01..
You're still half asleep,, your homework's half done..
Your shower is cold,, your oatmeal's dry..
Your mother forgets to kiss you good-bye...
You're walking to school,, it's thirty degress..
Your fingers won't work,, your toes and ears freeze..
Your zipperis stuck,, your
left sneake squeaks..
Your backpack strap snaps,, your soup thermos leaks..
Your slip on school steps,, you trip in the hall..
The toilet floods in the bathroom stall...
The principal greets you by the wrong name..
Your classroom is hot,, the coat rack is packed..
Your pencils are dull,, the sharpener jams..
Your fingers get crunched when your desktop slams..
Your math partner's gone,, your neighbor is rude..
Your teacher's again in a crabby mood..
The morning bell rings,, it is 6:55..
Come cozy up to the whiteboard,,
Another school day's begun were our memory..